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terroir  -Climate  -

Soil is the source of everything that lives on Earth.

Astronomical numbers of soil organisms, bacteria, microbes, insects ... Their cyclical activity produces the nutrients that plants need to grow healthy. Plants grow in their original form only with nutrient-rich soil and clean air and water. If even one is missing, the plants will wither or wither and send us a message.

Natural Rice Field Gosai  The role of is not to grow rice.

It is to prepare the soil environment where rice can grow soundly.

Just as we humans are ten people and ten colors, each rice field has its own individuality.

Living things that live in the soil and mountains, and the water of life that flows from there. Rice that grows in a natural environment where no one is the same. The truth is that even the same variety called Sasa Shigure differs by the number of rice fields.

Human beings, animals, plants ... All life phenomena are the products of their environment and climate.

Natural Rice Field Gosai wants everyone to enjoy not only the taste of rice, but also the unique aroma of the environment and climate of each rice field.


For innovative farmers trying to bring life back to the land for future generations to eat.

Our survival depends on this handful of soil. If used carefully, it brings food, fuel, and habitats, and surrounds us with beauty.

If handled poorly, the soil will collapse and die, and people will be accompanied.

--Vedas (Sanskrit scriptures, 1500 BC)

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