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Once upon a time, this village also had a rich ecosystem.

With the development of modern agriculture, which uses heavy machinery and pesticides to pursue excessive efficiency, aquatic organisms such as triops, snails, red frogs, toads, and turtles have disappeared.


I want to see that nostalgic scenery again.

I want to show the beautiful scenery that I saw in the past to the children of the present and the future.

I believe that this dream will come true if soil-friendly natural cultivation spreads.

The production of naturally cultivated rice is still low, and it is said to be 0.02% of the national rice production.

More than 90% of the rice sold at supermarkets is "conventional cultivation" rice that weeds, insects and kills with pesticides and grows rice with chemical fertilizers.

Growing pesticide-free and fertilizer-free naturally cultivated rice is a continuous kindness to the natural environment that surrounds us living on the earth.

Will you continue to choose cheap rice that is traditionally cultivated as before?

Will we leave the nature of the earth for the children of the future through good shopping?

The future of children and the future of the earth depends on the "choice" of adults living in the present.

Natural Rice Field Gosai  Would like to help you make a better "choice" by making naturally grown rice.

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