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Once again the beautiful nature of ancient times

Nature where you can live comfortably for the children of the future

100%  Pure  Natural  Rice


Okinawa Moringa filled

Brown rice flour pasta

Brown Rice Noodle

--Moringa -

our story

Natural Rice Field Gosai makes the hometown of Niijuku a paradise where countless creatures live like the mandala of life through rice cultivation that is close to nature, and colors a harmonious life.


In the rice fields here and the rice fields across the river, different varieties of rice can be grown. This is because the delicate harmony woven by the magnificent nature nurtures the life of each rice field. Please enjoy this mysterious terroir.


Natural Rice Field We are particular about the natural cultivation of traditional, traditional rice that is kind to the body. We grow rice with strong vitality that has been carefully grown in the area for a long time without using any pesticides or fertilizers. Please enjoy the rare rice that is hard to find on the market because of its low yield and unsuitable for mechanization.

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